Double-sided FPC wiring connection board

2020-05-28 Jing Guan Ying FPC 0

Double-sided FPC wiring connection board:

Material structure: double-sided adhesive + low loss yellow cover film + (line copper + glue + high frequency dielectric polyimide substrate + glue + line copper) + low loss yellow cover film

Endurance: free bending, folding

Tolerance:± 0.03mm

Thickness: 0.15mm

Reinforcement: 0.15mm steel sheet reinforcement on the front and back

Production process: solder coating, plug plating, covering layer, film type, solder mask shielding

Surface treatment: Immersion gold (chemical gold) 1 ~ 2 microinches

Minimum line width / line distance: 0.06mm / 0.09mm

Others: expedited model 24-48 hours / model shipped 1-3 days

Application: Is widely used in the link between various printer print heads and motherboards, plotters, scanners, copiers, stereos, LCD TVs, fax machines, various DVD players and other products.






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