Flexible Circuit Board Test Scope and Test Method

2020-05-28 Jing Guan Ying FPC 39

In the production process of flexible circuit board FPC, the test of flexible circuit board is a crucial link. Without testing, its quality cannot be guaranteed and the pass rate is low. If the circuit board is the heart of an electronic product, the flexible circuit board is undoubtedly the flexible heart and blood vessel of the electronic product. If no tested flexible circuit boards flow into the market, it will have an important impact on the function of terminal electronic products.

FPC test range of flexible circuit board: All single-sided flexible circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, FPC, double-sided boards and multi-layer boards need to undergo rigorous testing before they can enter the market. Usually flexible circuit boards are single, double and multi-layer flexible copper foil substrates with polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET) as the substrate, including adhesive (Adhesive, 3L-FCCL) and non-adhesive ( Adhesive, 2L-FCCL) type flexible copper foil substrate. For flexible circuit board testing, the appearance of the substrate film of the FPC flexible circuit board, the appearance of the cover layer, the deviation of the connection plate and the cover layer, the adhesive and the permeability of the cover coating, discoloration, leak coating of the coating layer, electroplating Whether the combination is good or not is tested.

FPC flexible circuit board test method: The testing methods of flexible circuit board manufacturers on flexible circuit boards include: 1. Visual inspection; 2. Magnifying glass inspection; 3. Ruler inspection; 4. Microscope inspection; 5. Peel strength tester; 6. Secondary element inspection; 7. Projector inspection; 8. High-speed detector inspection; 9. Twist strength inspection; 10. Bending strength inspection; 11. Oil bath experiment; 12. Salt spray experiment; 13. X-Ray thickness inspection; 14. Pre-mill inspection 15. Pull-off force test; 16. Insulation resistance test; 17. DC low resistance test; 18. Digital bridge test; 19. Circuit test; 20. High wave test, etc.

The above is a brief introduction to the testing scope and testing methods of flexible circuit boards. Shenzhen Jingwanying Electronics Co., Ltd. welcomes friends from the industry to come for consultation and cooperation.







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