Why is the open circuit position important for FPC defective products?

2020-05-28 精莞盈FPC 12

Before the FPC flexible circuit board leaves the factory, it will definitely be tested on the circuit. During the circuit test, some defective products will inevitably appear. The open circuit positions of these defective products need to be carefully checked by the technical personnel of the manufacturer before they can make up for the defects. The cause of the bad, timely adjustment of machine equipment or FPC production materials, to ensure quality, improve efficiency and reduce costs. So how to confirm the location of the open circuit is a crucial link.

When the manufacturer finds that the FPC (flexible board) has an open / break problem, the most commonly used method of checking and confirming is to check the wireless circuit (Trace) fracture problem under the microscope, because the FPC is usually a single-layer board, usually at most three Laminates and three-layer boards are rare, so the FPC circuit can be seen through optical instruments.

However, in some cases, the FPC manufacturing plant will encounter problems that the line can't be detected under the microscope, but where the gold finger is directly measured with a three-meter meter, it can be measured as an open circuit or contact The situation of good times and bad times. At this time, it is more troublesome to detect the open circuit position of the flexible circuit board.

The biggest advantage of flexible circuit boards is flexibility, which can be bent and takes up little space. However, copper foil traces (copper trace) may break during repeated bending or reciprocating motion or impact. If this kind of break is not detected by the microscope, Shenzhen Jing Guan Ying Electronics Co., Ltd. will take the elimination method to confirm the open position of the defective FPC product.






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