Flex OLED increasing the demand for flexible circuit board

2020-06-22 Jing Guan Ying FPC 1

Flexible OLED screens have gradually become mainstream, linearly increasing the demand for flexible circuit boards


Researchers in Canada recently announced the exciting invention of flexible screen technology, they created the world's first truly flexible screen smartphone. A flexible screen is a flexible OLED screen that can be bent and deformed. As flexible screens gradually become the mainstream R&D trend in the electronics industry, the demand for FPC flexible circuit boards will also be linearly increased.


OLED is very thin and can be mounted on flexible materials such as plastic or metal foil. Using glass instead of glass will make the display more durable and lighter. The flexible OLED panel is concave from top to bottom, with a bending radius of up to 700 mm. Regarded as a product of the initial stage of the display revolution, the ultimate goal is to make a new face for mobile and wearable electronic devices. A flexible screen mobile phone refers to a mobile phone with a flexible and flexible screen. Because it looks like a mango roll, it is also called a roll mango phone.



Straight-line demand for flexible circuit boards

Flexible OLED technology has become the focus of this year's electronic display industry event. Samsung will show the world's first "stretchable" OLED screen. Compared with current flexible screens, which can only be bent in one direction, the new display can bend up to 12 mm in both directions without affecting resolution. BOE also showed a variety of flexible AMOLED displays that can be mass-produced on the newly-generated Chengdu 6th generation line. One of the 4.35-inch flexible wristband display products can be used as a mobile phone in the flat state and as a wristband in the curved state. Wear it on your wrist.

The industry believes that hard-screen OLED and LCD have no substantial improvement in display effect. Once flexible OLED display is adopted, the entire consumer electronics experience is expected to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough. This is also the main reason for the current major display manufacturers to deploy OLED. Therefore, the flexible OLED display will become the mainstream of the industry and become a deterministic trend in the field of consumer electronics. Flexible display not only requires the screen to be flexible, but also the main board and the like must be bendable, which will greatly pull the demand for flexible circuit boards.


With the rapid development of flexible OLED screens, the demand for flexible circuit boards, flexible circuit boards and FPC soft boards will be greater and higher. Jingwanying Electronics currently has more than ten years of professional experience in capacitive screen flexible circuit boards. In order to better serve customers and meet the future development needs of flexible OLDE screens, we will continue to increase R&D and manufacturing capabilities of flexible circuit boards. As a flexible circuit board manufacturer, we are honored to be at the forefront of the market and cooperate with customers for a win-win situation.







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