Rapid development of flexible circuit boards (automobile FPC) in the automotive industry

2020-06-20 Jing Guan Ying FPC 0

Rapid development of flexible circuit boards (automobile FPC) in the automotive industry

Flexible circuit boards are widely used in automobiles. Each car has dozens of automobile flexible circuit boards FPC arranged on the body weight. The automobile industry is developing rapidly in the expectation of everyone. New energy electric vehicles and driverless vehicles are appearing in the market one after another. With the rapid leap of the automobile industry, it will inevitably promote the R&D and technology of automobile FPC again and again.

In order to protect the planet we live in, the future of automobiles will inevitably fully popularize zero-emission energy-electric vehicles. With the advancement of technology, the materials of automobiles have become lighter, recyclable and more environmentally friendly while ensuring the strength of the body. The emergence of shared cars will also gradually bring about changes in people's car buying concepts. In every progress of the automobile, you can see the rapid development of flexible circuit boards.


Car FPC circuit board

We all know that flexible circuit boards are the brain, blood vessels, and eyes of a car. Without a flexible circuit board, a vehicle cannot accurately collect information, process information, and output information. The flexibility of the flexible circuit board provides a huge imagination space and more creative possibilities for automotive designers.

At present, the entire market also attaches great importance to automotive flexible circuit boards. For example, BYD has its own flexible circuit board FPC factory, which specializes in research, design and production of high-quality automotive FPC. While ensuring its leading position in technology, it also ensures the stability and security of its own supply chain and the confidentiality of its core technology. In more than ten years of development, Jingwanying Electronics has always been the customer's demand. Our customers are full of praise for our flexible circuit board products, flexible circuit board services, production capacity of soft and hard combined boards and so on.


Automotive Flexible Circuit Board FPC

In order to adapt to the rapid development of automotive IT technology capabilities, Jing Guan Ying have been vigorously engaged in these years and have continuously entered the field of automotive FPC flexible circuit boards. At present, we have made some achievements in automotive flexible circuit boards. In the future, our high-end automotive flexible circuit boards will continue to improve.






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