How to realize FPC impedance control

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How to realize FPC soft board impedance control

In the design of flexible circuit boards (FPC), FPC soft board impedance control is an important process. Since the internal space of FPC soft board products is very small, we have to require enough lines on one hand to meet the needs of signal transmission. On the other hand, each signal line requires a differential impedance. Therefore, the requirements for the impedance control of the flexible board are very strict. Jing Guan Ying Electronics introduces how to design a given impedance differential at such a small interval.

Customers often have such needs, but unfortunately, most FPC manufacturer engineers will not match the impedance according to the manufacturing parameters. These engineers must ask the customer to provide ready-made drawings to make the FPC products that meet the requirements of the customer.

Then, as a senior FPC manufacturer, Jing Guan Ying shares with you the experience, how to effectively solve this problem. According to our experience, this problem can actually be solved easily.


FPC soft board

The first move is the layered method. Realizing the impedance difference on a layer of the FPC soft board may be restricted by space, but we can divide it into multiple layers, and we can put some lines on the first layer and another part of the lines on another layer, which is equivalent to The lines on each floor doubled the space. This often solves the problem.

The second measure is the circumvention method. The design limitation of many flexible circuit boards is often the connector. The width of the gold finger end can be unchanged, but the width of the middle end actually has a lot of room for change. It also brings a lot of space to our design.

The third measure is layered + detour. As the name implies, this method combines the above two methods to solve the problem of impedance difference.

As the saying goes, there are always more methods than problems. In our work, we often only need "three more", that is, more brains, more patience, more hands-on experiments, and many problems are not problems. Jing Guan Ying Electronics specializes in manufacturing research and development of highly difficult and complex projects. We closely follow the development of China's FPC flexible board industry today and provide our customers with the most satisfactory flexible circuit board solutions.






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