Flexible circuit board promotes 5G mobile network construction

2020-06-16 Jing Guan Ying FPC 0

Flexible circuit board promotes 5G mobile network construction

The R&D and construction of 5G mobile signal network in full swing attracted the attention and expectation of the electronics industry, intelligent technology, communication field and consumers. The industry exchange conference has repeatedly pushed the construction of 5G mobile networks to the commanding heights of the times. In the attention of many people, the rise and rapid development of flexible circuit boards have also played a key role in promoting the construction of 5G mobile networks.

In addition to my country's mobile signal network providers: Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom are actively deploying 5G networks. Huawei and other terminal consumer product manufacturers are also actively developing equipment and configuration solutions that support 5G networks in their products. In consumer products, such as mobile phones, support and configuration schemes for 5G networks, the smooth implementation of flexible circuit board FPC has played a very important role in promoting. The flexibility, flexibility, and flexibility of the flexible circuit board ensure the highest user experience in the smallest space in the product design. For the functions that cannot be realized by ordinary PCB, flexible circuit boards can be easily realized. And as the technical level improves, the function of flexible circuit boards becomes more and more powerful, which will inevitably play a vital role in promoting the construction of 5G networks.

After the opening of my country's first 5G base station in Guangzhou University City, the majority of user experience data confirmed that the transmission rate of the 5G network remained stable above 2Gbps, which has higher speed, connectivity and low latency than the previous 4G technology. The user experience will be a huge leap forward in the 4G era. We have reason to believe that the ensuing updates and iterations of many electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. In this update iteration, flexible circuit board FPC will inevitably play a positive role in promoting the development of the industry.


The realization of 5G mobile network is an important success in the development of my country's science and technology. my country will be an absolute leader in the world and lead the world on the mobile network. At the same time, it will inevitably bring development opportunities for flexible circuit board FPC. In the construction of mobile networks, the technology of Flexible circuit board FPC in 5G communication will be more perfect. Shenzhen Jing Guan Ying Electronics Co.,Ltd. believes that the flexible circuit board FPC and the 5G mobile network are complementary and mutually reinforcing.






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