Another giant in China has made a major breakthrough: a mobile phone that can be rolled up comes

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Foldable and bendable, the era of flexible display has gradually approached. On the 26th, China's first flexible display production line achieved mass production in Chengdu, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies in this field and accelerating the pace of China's mobile electronic products entering the era of flexible displays. Let's take a look at the relevant content together with the embedded editor.

Mass production of China's first flexible display production line

The mass-produced flexible screen production line is completely independently designed, developed and constructed by the Chinese company BOE. It adopts the world's most advanced vapor deposition process and can produce 70 million flexible displays per year.

CCTV reporter Zhu Jihua: The one I have is a flexible display. It subverts our understanding of the display. It is thinner than paper and foldable and bendable. Perhaps in the near future, a rolled-up mobile phone will be Step into our lives. The reason why it can be rolled up is because the flexible display screen no longer requires a backlight. It uses self-luminous materials and can display light when it is powered on. The clarity, fineness and colorfulness of the display are better than the LCD screen .

Chief Executive Officer of BOE Chen Yanshun: Its products are widely used in mobile phones, PCs, automobiles and even a field like notebooks. We expect this flexible display to have an overall annual growth rate of more than 30% in the next three to five years.

Before, only one Korean company in the world could produce flexible display screens, and it was often difficult to find a screen. The mass production of this production line in China completely broke this monopoly and would greatly increase the supply of flexible display screens. At the mass production ceremony, more than ten mobile phone manufacturers in China have obtained the first batch of display screens.

What is the strength of flexible display?

First, it is soft!

This softness can actually be understood as strong flexibility. In other words, this display can be bent and folded.

As shown in the figure above, this screen can be bent in an “S” shape. This can be used in various wearable electronic devices in the future.

Second, it's pretty!

This flexible display has the advantages of high resolution, fast response speed, high brightness, low power consumption, etc., and can provide more beautiful and clear high-quality images.


Relevant person in charge of BOE introduced that the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line in Chengdu applies the world's most advanced vapor deposition process and cuts the glass substrate into half for vapor deposition. It is technically difficult and is China's first AMOLED production line using this process.

At the same time, the production line uses low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) plastic substrates instead of traditional amorphous silicon (a-Si) glass substrates, and uses flexible packaging technology to achieve display screen bending and folding.

How soon will the rolled up phone come out ?

Is thinner than paper, bendable, and foldable display is mass-produced. When can we use a mobile phone that can be rolled up?

The display screen, circuit board, and battery are the three core components that constitute the core of the mobile phone, and are also the key to determining whether the mobile phone can be rolled up. The reporter first came to an enterprise that produces flexible circuit boards. The person in charge of the enterprise told reporters that at present, China cannot produce flexible circuit boards with flexible display screens, but they have already developed samples.


Shangda Electronics Chairman Li Xiaohua: Now the flexible circuit boards we produce are not flexible enough, the lines are relatively thick, and the wiring density per unit area is relatively small. In the future, the width of the flexible circuit boards we produce will be on the order of micrometers, and now on the order of millimeters. For example, our current product is like a coarse cloth. In the future, our product will be softer and more precise silk.

Li Xiaohua told reporters that their factory specifically for flexible screens has started construction and will be put into production in 2019. Regarding mobile phone batteries, the reporter interviewed a number of companies, and there is no mature technology, and it will be difficult to roll up in a period of time. However, the reporter saw a compromise solution in a mobile phone manufacturing company.

Ma Xiaohang, deputy general manager of Hisense Communication Company: I think the two-fold mobile phone is folded up this kind of mobile phone, I think this kind of mobile phone will appear very quickly now, because the screen technology is mature, then there are places for batteries and hardware boards But I said that like pulling or making more product forms, this may require a technical iteration and updating process.


Ma Xiaohang believes that this iterative process takes about four to five years. At that time, it will appear on the market and subvert the existing and varied mobile phones. The above is a major breakthrough for another embedded Chinese-Chinese giant: the introduction of a mobile phone that can be rolled up. If you want to know more related information, please pay more attention to eeworld. More detailed and updated information.













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