Chinese companies account for only 10% of the global market for flexible circuit boards

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In recent years, flexible circuit boards have become a hot spot in the domestic capital market. In March last year, Shangda Electronics was listed on the "New Third Board" and entered the strategic innovation layer in September of the same year; Xiamen Hongxin Electronics (53.870, -1.25, -2.27%) was recently approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on listing on the GEM; , -0.34, -3.20%) A recent announcement stated that it plans to acquire Lan Pei Technology to obtain the internationally leading FPC material technology.

Domestic FPC production capacity is rapidly expanding, but some experts point out that at present some core raw materials of FPC products, such as flexible copper clad laminates, conductive adhesive films, and shielding films, are still in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises, and domestic FPC domestic manufacturers have weaker competitiveness in the international market , Sales are mainly concentrated in the domestic market, the overall market share is low.

According to Li Xiaohua, European, American and Japanese companies entered the FPC industry 10 to 20 years earlier than domestic manufacturers, and their scale is currently much larger than that of domestic manufacturers. At present, the global flexible circuit board market demand is more than 10 billion US dollars each year, nearly 100 billion yuan, while the global market share of domestic enterprises adds up to only about 10%.

"The flexible circuit board technology of Chinese companies has improved a lot in the last 5 years, but compared with international, I think it is still 2 years behind." Yang Guibiao, CEO of Shangda Electronics, said that because Chinese companies mainly produce double-sided products The products of foreign companies are mostly multi-layer boards and some relatively thin circuit boards. In addition, at present, the demand for rigid-flex boards is rising rapidly, but no Chinese manufacturer can make the rigid-flex board products as good as those of the US and Japanese companies.

Domestic enterprises accelerate the improvement of technology level

Although there is a clear gap between domestic FPC companies and foreign manufacturers, Chinese companies' flexible circuit boards account for only 10% of the global market. However, in the industry's view, with the rapid advancement of domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic manufacturers in recent years, domestic FPC The gap between the technological level and production scale of foreign companies is continuously narrowing through the technological innovation, production process transformation and capacity upgrade of manufacturers.






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