Employee evaluation

2020-05-22 Jing Guan Ying FPC 17

Employee: luo XX

Entry date: March 2015

Position: SMT manager

Since I joined shenzhen jingguanying electronics co., LTD in 2015, I have been working as the company's SMT manager. In the past two years, I have experienced  that jingguanying is developing at a high speed. Our SMT equipment, production line and personnel are stronger than before, and the experience, knowledge and skills of all our SMT employees have been greatly improved.

In manufacturing FPC flexible circuit board, jingguanying electronics is professional, efficient and conscientious. Only by ensuring the product quality of its own operation can it be allowed to enter the next production link, and the whole company adheres to the principle of excellence.

The clients of jingguan-ying have also highly recognized jingguan-ying. Not only is the amount of cooperation increasing, but the number of clients is increasing. High-quality clients have been continuously introduced, and many clients have issued jingguan-ying excellent partner certificates.

As the staff of jingguan-ying, we grow together with jingguan-ying. Under the big tree of jingguan-ying, we give play to our abilities and realize our life value. Jing guan ying is a tolerant and generous enterprise. Jing guan ying tolerates the diversity of employees and never relaxes on quality. Jing guan ying will provide employees with generous benefits and various incentives every year.

I believe that with the development of jingguanyin electronics, our jingguanyin employees are becoming more and more powerful and successful.






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