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The black hole process has the same function as PTH. It is not traditional chemical copper on the borehole wall, but the hole wall is conductive, but mainly deposits a black carbon film to provide a smooth subsequent plating process. . The black hole manufacturing process is simple and easy to control. For horizontal production, it is the best choice for small holes or drilling plates with a large aspect ratio. The black pore liquid is mainly a suspension of carbon powder, because it does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and formaldehyde, so the operating environment is superior to chemical copper, and it has no carcinogenic problems. It is simpler than chemical copper, and the amount of sludge is much less. The black hole film is deposited on the hole wall, as shown below (1)



Advantages of BlackHoleÒ process:

1.Compared with the traditional PTH process, the BlackHoleÒ lotion has no selective exhaustion and must be continuously analyzed and supplemented.

2.Compared with the traditional PTH process, BlackHoleÒ lotion has no non-relevant production side reaction and leads to the production of by-products or self-reaction.

3.Compared with the traditional PTH process, the operation of BlackHoleÒ liquid medicine is very simple, only the startup and shutdown actions, without any preparatory actions, such as temperature, groove or half groove, groove wall, pre-circulation and so on. BlackHoleÒ Potion is a completely dispersed bath.

4.Guarantee that there is no need for one-time copper electroplating, saving time, handling, loading and unloading, copper block, gloss agent, chemical potion, washing water, electricity, etc.

5.Significantly reduce the equipment investment cost, a production line completely replaces the vertical gantry type degumming slag, chemical copper, primary copper production line.

6.There is no change in the process before and after the process, and it has a strong production system integration capability. Easy for production management and production management.

7.There is no restriction on the residence time, and there is no such problem as waiting for the machine in PTH and a copper process, and there is no problem of temporary backlog of the product in process.

8.Substantially reduce the operating cost, which is the labor cost.

9.Significantly reduce the cost of wastewater treatment, as long as the acid and alkali are neutralized. No formalin, cyanide, chelate, heavy metals.

10.The volume of medicine consumption is very small, greatly reducing the storage space of raw materials. It also reduces the number of additions.

11.Clean, safe and odorless operating environment, which has a great affinity for operators.

12.It takes only 12-25 minutes to put the first board into the discharge, and then continuously discharge one by one.

13.Can produce different materials, flexible boards, double panels, multi-layer (unlimited number of layers) boards, small holes above 0.2mm, and board thickness above 0.15mm

14.No matter how strict the current test method is, it is guaranteed that there will be no hole breakage or abnormal floating within the hole.


The follow-up process has at least the following advantages:

1.No need to brush before entering the dry film. And the pressure film adhesion ability is stronger.

2.Etching the original copper, double the production speed, and there is no abnormal etching copper residue. The amount of etching solution is at least halved.

3.The electrical abnormality rate of bare copper plate and finished plate is greatly reduced (no hole breakage, abnormal etching line), the board will not be accumulated in the quality inspection section, and the total production time is shortened, which means that the labor payment is reduced. Delivery control is more accurate.

4.Finished product yield is increased by at least 2%, which is a very significant cost reduction advantage. The cost reduction here will be much larger than the purchase amount of Black HoleÒ potion.


The black hole line




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