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2020-06-05 Jing Guan Ying FPC 37

The automatic punching machine adopts CCD camera positioning, the positioning speed is faster and more accurate! The high-precision positioning (deviation ≤±0.008mm) ensures the high quality of the product, which is more in line with the more precise and efficient requirements of electronic products. Connected to the computer screen to select the hole diagram to be punched, manual feeding, automatic equipment alignment, automatic punching.

Automatic punching machine is suitable for positioning holes of sheets such as soft board, film, film, film, paper sheet, FPC, PET, PE, PC, PVC film, polyester, thin aluminum plate and so on.

Diameter of automatic punching machine: φ1mm~φ8mm (according to user)

Features of automatic punching machine:

Computer setting, man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation.

Beautiful and elegant appearance, reasonable structure, convenient operation, high punching accuracy, processing material thickness below 3.0mm;

When working, you can directly watch the punching situation on the 8-inch computer screen or punching place;

Working mechanism adopts mechanical and pneumatic combination, the punching force is greatly improved;

The image is clearer, suitable for processing various thick circuit boards, membrane switches, aluminum signs and other materials;

The spacious workbench is more suitable for the rational application of man, machine and material in the production process.

The main parameters:

1. Punching diameter Φ1-Φ5.0MM (customized support)

2. Identification circle diameter Φ1-Φ6.0MM (with "cross circle" logo)

3. Punching thickness: 0.03mm-3.0mm (depending on the material)

4. Punching speed: 0.3 seconds/hole

5. Fixed machining accuracy: ≦±0.015mm

6. Maximum processing width: 500mm (non-standard size machine can be designed according to customer specific width)

7. Air pressure requirement: 0.4-0.8mpa

8. Maximum impulse: 150N

9. Power consumption: 0.4-0.5KW

10. Working voltage: AC220V-240V


 Automatic Punching Machine




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