FPC Flexible Circuit Board Engraving Machine

2020-06-05 Jing Guan Ying FPC 9

Product name: FPC flexible circuit board visual engraving machine circuit board engraving machine The main function:   

1. Automatic origin positioning: It can automatically return to the set zero point from any position. Also has origin memory function   

2. Visual positioning technology: to ensure the accuracy and correctness of positioning.    

3. Breakpoint continued engraving: start carving from any percentage, or engrave to a certain percentage. Stop carving.   

4.Simulated machining: According to the set parameters, the actual machining process is displayed virtually.   

5. Real-time display of processing paths: first display all processing paths before processing, and display the current position in real time during processing.

6. Area selection engraving: select any area to engrave. To meet the needs of supplementary carving and fine carving.

7. Combined engraving/automatic tool selection: select two engraving knives and automatically allocate engraving area. Choose a large engraving knife without affecting the engraving accuracy, and quickly mill out large blank areas.

8. Universal drilling: Use a fixed milling cutter to dig out any holes, reducing the number of times to change the drill bit.

9. Shape milling: shape milling after board engraving is completed.

10. Intelligent spindle speed optimization function, automatically optimize the spindle speed according to the tool, thereby improving the engraving accuracy.

11. Randomly attached with vacuum equipment, effectively reduce the harm of dust to the body.

12. Random gift mute pad.

13. Fool-style operation software, simple and easy to learn, only 30 minutes to master the machine.

14. Random video teaching CD.

15. Ultra-quiet design, more suitable for enterprise R & D center and colleges and universities and research institutes.

16. The software has strong compatibility and supports almost all the board-making software currently on the market.

17, can get the processing origin again.

18. Can realize power off and continue carving through visual function.

19. You can drill holes and cut edges on the circuit board that has been made.

20. The machine can be compensated and engraved to effectively extend the service life of the machine.


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