Flexible Circuit Board Dispensing Machine

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Product introduction of automatic dispenser:

1 can spit glue evenly on the product, greatly save the spitting time, and dramatically improve the production efficiency.

2. It can replace the manual dispensing operation, realize mechanized production, save loading and unloading time, and increase output

3. Simple and convenient operation, high speed and precision

4. Dispensing program files can be uploaded / downloaded via U disk, which is convenient for data management and storage

5. Chinese / English operation interface

The high-strength equipment body of the dispensing robot maintains the perpendicularity of XY:

The machine body adopts CNC integrated processing, which effectively guarantees the perpendicularity of the XY axis and improves the processing accuracy of the equipment.

Single machine can be operated and easy to install:

Stand-alone operation without any external computer. Not only the installation is convenient, but the operation setting is also simple.

The humanized teaching box allows you to easily complete the program setting:

Equipped with a teaching box designed with iconic buttons, you can easily set any dispensing path with just a few fingers. Can easily complete the matrix copy, offset modification, correction point setting of various paths ... and the program transmission between each machine and other super functions.

Circular interpolation control system:

Can realize spatial linear interpolation, orthogonal arc, orthogonal ellipse, orthogonal spiral interpolation function.

Scope of application:

 Large LCD PANEL, TAP fixing device, etc.

◎ Flip chip, CSP & BGA 

◎ Illiquid bottom fill 

◎ High power LED silicone phosphor 

◎ Epistar paste material 

◎Conductive adhesive and conductive epoxy adhesive

◎ Thermal conductive adhesive 

◎ Stacked wafer bonding 

◎ UV curing adhesive 

◎Surface coating 

◎Flat panel display assembly glue






dispense around the components

Production Range

 Components that require dispensing glue

Buying Time


Equipment Owner

 Luo Xiangheng

Maintenance Cycle(Days)

 One day






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