Two-dimensional optical projector

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It is applicable to all application fields for the purpose of two coordinate measurement: machinery, electronics, instruments, hardware, plastics, molds, screws, metal accessories, rubber, PCB, spring, hardware, stamping, mapping, etc.

Granite base and column: not easy to deform, high hardness, strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to maintain.

Cast iron table, surface Teflon treatment: beautiful, no deformation.

Both the surface light and the bottom light are led cold light sources: long life, high brightness and low temperature can avoid the influence of thermal expansion caused by the heat of the bulb on the workpiece to be tested. The brightness of the light can be adjusted at will according to the workpiece color and the light and dark environment.

Transmission mode: the transmission system adopts the toothless nut and linear optical shaft manual mode, with stable movement, fast and slow movement of the workbench, convenient for accurate and fast positioning of workpieces.

It adopts the international popular cross guide rail drive design. The worktable not only adopts the non stress design, but also adopts the special technology for the processing and assembly of the worktable, which makes the measurement accuracy of the machine more stable and accurate.

The optical magnification is 0.7-4.5x. Five kinds of magnification can be fixed. When measuring, the magnification of objective lens can be quickly selected and the current magnification of objective lens can be recognized.

The image magnification is 33x-195x, and the high-definition color CCD is adopted, which can improve the high image quality and sharp edge during detection, and the image dragging and misjudgment will not be caused when the software is running

10. High precision and high stability Wanhao grating ruler is used for y and axis;

The bottom and surface light control system and the X-and Y-axis zeroing keys are on the front control panel of the machine, which is easy to operate and greatly improves the working efficiency.

Configure ace-qv professional measurement software with powerful function, easy to learn and easy to use: the software can not only collect the X, y and Z axis positions of images and special equipment, but also directly measure in the image area or measure the workpiece by coordinate indication measurement method, and can make statistics and Analysis on the measurement results of workpiece, and can make word and excel reports on the measured values And CAD drawings.

esolving power:


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Measuring stroke:

Varies by model(mm)

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Operation mode:

Automatic mouse control

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Measurement accuracy:


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Overall dimension (L * w * h):


Two-dimensional optical projector


 Quadratic element


1 stations


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