Impedance Tester

2020-06-01 Jing Guan Ying FPC 18

Impedance testers are widely used in:

Covering film; conductive polymer film, high and low temperature electric heating film; thermal insulation, radiation-proof conductive window film conductive (shielding) cloth, decorative film, decorative paper; metalized label, alloy foil film; Coating, coating layer, resistive and capacitive touch screen film; electrode coating, other semiconductor materials, film material square resistance test

 Parameter data:

1. Square resistance range: 10-4 2 × 103Ω / □

2. Resistivity range: 10-5 2 × 104Ω-cm

3. Test current range: 10μA, 100μA, 1mA, 10mA, 100mA

4. Current accuracy: ± 0.2% reading

5. Resistance accuracy: ≤0.3%

6. Display reading: LCD display: resistance, resistivity, square resistance, temperature, unit conversion, temperature coefficient, current, voltage, probe shape, probe spacing, thickness, conductivity

7. Test method: ordinary single electric measurement

8. Working power: input: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz Power consumption:<30W

9. Uncertainty error of the whole machine: ≤4% (standard sample result)


Impedance tester




 impedance test

Parameter Scope

50+/-1%Ω  100+/-1%Ω

Buying Time

2013, upgraded in 2016






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